E-Cigar King

ecigarIf you enjoy cigars and find those moments you want to enjoy one but due to smoking restrictions or just no time to relax with a cigar, I may have found the answer. It’s called the E-Cigar King. An Electronic Cigar that I have found actually tastes like a cigar. I am still in the evaluation stage with this product but find myself using it every day. The starter kit comes with everything you need to enjoy the flavor of a cigar with no smoke or aroma. It can be used just about anywhere. The starter kit includes 1 battery 3 pre-filled Cigar Cartomizers.. Maduro — Ligero —Cubana Blend and a USB Wall Adapter.. Charging Cord..and USB Car Adapter.

Prefilled Cartomizers, Juices and other accessories are also available. We will be selling the Starter Kit for 149.95.
50.00 Off Thru December 31st

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