La Aurora C-1 a Good Smoke, Great Value

La Aurora C-1 – A Fine Smoke, Great Value

One of the best-kept secrets at the Tinder Box is the C-1 cigar from La Aurora. This Dominican 6 X 60, which is priced at $6, is a very good cigar as well as a very good bang for the buck.

I found the C-1 to fall in the medium-body range. A nice, solid, well-constructed cigar, the C-1 has a nice medium-brown oily wrapper. It lit well and had a very good draw. It has a slightly spicy beginning then settles down. I smoked a few of them. I enjoyed one with a couple glasses of wine. The wine mellowed helped the C-1 into an easy, mild smoke. I also smoked a C-1 with a good ale. There, the C-1 stayed medium as it did when I smoked a C-1 by itself. In all three, the C-1 kicked in with a bit of spice toward the last quarter of the stick.

So, now, the secret is out. If you enjoy mild cigars and want to move toward a bit more flavor, the C-1 does the job for not a lot of money.

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